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[ASMR] EYE EXAM | Routine Examination | Soft Spoken

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Welcome back to Chill Surgeries! This time you are here for your relaxing routine eye exam 😴 This eye exam will contain a number of triggers to make your examination as relaxing as possible. These exam triggers include: tingly doctor personal attention, light triggers, close up hand movements, male soft spoken voice and everything in between. I really hope you enjoy your eye exam today and go to sleep knowing your eyes are in good health 🙂 PLEASE gently smash the 'LIKE' button if you enjoyed this video! Also consider subscribing if you're new here and hit the bell button to be notified as soon as I release future ASMR videos. Also please let me know if you enjoyed this ASMR routine eye exam video in the comment section below 🙂 Donation link if you wish to donate towards the channel but don't feel like you have to - I really hope you enjoy this and don't forget to STAY CHILL! Sleep time 😁 #ChillSquad

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Hello Chill Squad! I hope everyone is doing well 🙂 Feel free to let me know how you found your eye exam today in the comments below!


Você poderia colocar legenda em português. 🤪🙏🇧🇷


Can you stop being bloody gorgeous? You're distracting me from the asmr 😅


Your voice is so relaxing! I wish I could add it to my bible app when I'm reading lol Thanks for the vid friend. (Bronx,NY)


Are you cousin of chills?


I would purposely whack my eyes every few days just to come back more often.


I don't know why but I actually like going to the eye doctor and get eye exams haha. I don't however like when they make me lean my chin on this metal supportive piece and then they press this button that releases some sort of air into my eye. Haha. This video was really good, I liked the mouth sounds and the hand movements. The torch sounds way cooler than a flashlight. I will be getting an eye exam the following year and probably get some new glasses to. It was awesome to have an eye exam from Dr Chill :)


All these years I thought my eyes were blue. 😂


I really wish this was a real eye exam where something does this. Oh well this is the next best thing. Thanks for your dedication to the ASMR community Stevie!!!!


Very nice! So relaxing.


Love this! Perfect for yet another sleepless night, so relaxing! Keep up the great work! :)


Your natural voice aside from whispers is so lovely 😊


Super late on this one but still a great vid!


Thank you for always making your videos long :)


Multitalented Paul 😋😂


I really like this! This seems so real to me as well.💖💖💖 Considering that my doctor is like this.👓👓👓


Hii 🤗 I got to the end eventually lol 😊 it was worth the attempts! This is incredible...the clipboard (ofc!! 😊), the glove sounds and the flashlight were all great triggers!! 💙 When I am at the opiticians and he is shining the light in my eyes and he is up so close in my face it takes so much for me not to laugh lol.. I got the same thing from this vid when you moved the pen side to side but you had a little smile on your face it would make me laugh lol 😊 This is so realistic and professional though, fantastic job on this vid as usual 🤗🤗 Thank you for uploading and have a great week ahead 🤗💙


I really enjoy the accent and writing sounds. Thank you. 💝


Oh, I really like it! Thank you:) Greetings from Russia :)


Loved it 👀 Is that a Plymouth accent Dr Chill ???