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ASMR Cranial Nerve Exam ...Secret Agent Edition 🕵️

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Welcome back, agent! Didn't think I'd see you back here so soon... but it's come to my attention that you require a cranial nerve exam after a recent... incident. So here's a gentle, light-hearted cranial nerve exam, just to make sure you're in good shape to head back to field work, agent. And how about this time, you try to keep your boots on the ground, okay? -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Join me on social media! Instagram: Twitter: Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! If you like my ASMR videos, please consider subscribing! It means the world to me! ASMR Triggers Featured: ~ soft spoken / whispered female voice ~ paper sounds / writing sounds ~ personal attention ~ ASMR cranial nerve exam -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Paypal Tip Jar ♥ : My Recording Gear! 🎤🎥 (Amazon affiliate links): Main Camera: 15mm Lens: 25mm Lens: Main Mic: Secondary Mic: Ring Light: ***By purchasing ANYTHING on Amazon through these links, I will get paid a small referral commission at no extra cost to you. This supports me to buy new props and gear and increase the quality of my videos!*** #ASMR #CranialNerveExam #AncientWhispers

Дата добавления: 2019-05-20

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Please make a video in a dark room with this light🙏🙏🙏


That head injury must be severe. I don't recall that we're dating. But we must be with this much nagging. :)


I despise mouths. hahah. good one.




Very nice IDEAAA😍


Such a degree of sass in this video. I love it. 😁👍


You remind me of my band director. She went out on maternity leave a while ago and this made me miss her so much


God the stuff people tell me I do when I'm pissed, crazy. Though I don't remember ever being in Monaco.


Can you do a female haircut or make up artist???


This sooo needs a sequel, like a sort of patch up after being injured


I love this video. The best👌🏻👍🏻👏 great job


Head injury be damned!!
At least, I stopped Heinrich Blasitov from starting World War III !!




Hey now... Listen here... Dr. Gorgeous face... I'll have you know... I successfully completed that mission with the jetpack and the parasailing!!! Desperate times call for desperate measures! That's the reason I'm a secret agent, and you are a medical professional. Somebody's got to patch up the most daring international man of mystery! Also... maybe I am getting hurt just so I can get to see you... can you blame me??? Have you ever seen a mirror...spoiler alert... that BEAUTIFUL girl trapped in there is YOU!


I think you’re a replicant from the Tyrell corporation.


'Have you tried staying on the ground' 🤣 no I am addicted to jumping out of planes/ using jetpacks and hoped to hit the jackpot at the casino..


so much love this! i wish to see your nurse/eye exam ASMR with white latex gloves ! so AMAZING

So much loves from Spain and of course SUB for You honey! <3 LOVE and can't wait next ASMR


I think I just feel in love


You have a really pleasant voice.


9.27. I see what u did there