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a message i wish i'd seen before my exams. 🌟 Hi, you've got this!! || Exam advice and motivation.

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Go make your StudyTube Big Sis proud. 🥰 At the end of the day, all you can do is your best in that present moment. With however you're feeling, with the knowledge you have, with the Qs presented, giving it your all is all you can do. I hope you can walk away from each exam knowing you tried your bloody hardest. x I'M SO PROUD! Go SLAY those GCSEs or A levels, or Nat 5s, or Highers, or Leaving Certs or IB exams or whatever you have! Please prioritise your mental health, take breaks, meditate a few minutes each day and remember to switch off. 🦋 the grand and beautiful summer awaits x

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Just.. thank you jade. I really needed this


I’ve only watched a few of your videos and I already feel so much less stressed and a lot more motivated, thank you :)


💜💜💜Thank you, this helps a lot. Thank you a bunch!!!!💜💜💜


Thanks for the video and positivity. So needed. Tomorrow I have an important scary exam and I will definitely have a better attitude thanks to you. Lots of love!!! You are such an inspiration!!!!


I’m watched this video after my chemistry exam today, which went so badly 😂😭, so I’m not feeling emotionally stable let’s say. And this video made me so emotional 😂 I don’t know why but thank you Jade for making this xx 💞🤗


I hate how I just don't feel stressed for exams.
I feel more stressed over not feeling the stress lol


I cried when you said well done. Its so easy to stress yourself than it is to give yourself credit. Thank you for this. ♡


Omggg your hairrrr when it’s straightened you look like billie eilish!! Is it just me?! Like the thumbnail! :o


my goodness I’ve just realised that I’m doing the same a levels that you did, can’t wait to watch your videos on each of them in two years time! p.s. I’m half way through my gcses now and I can’t thank you enough for this <3


From the deep of my heart thank you for being here for us .


You have such a beautiful soul jade <33


Thank you Jade!! Your videos really do help me during these stressful times 😖😊


This video really helped me after an application interview I had today... It didn't went that well, but I would have loved to go to that university.
Thanks for helping me out of my little emotional crises :)


Class: 2+2
Homework: 4+6-7
Test: Freddy is 5.3ft tall now work out the radius of the sun

Excuse me.......what




THANK YOU JADE ! My exams are in three weeks and I’m so stressed bc I think I am going to ruin it but you motivated me with your video. And now I just think that I can ! If others can, me too! Thank u!!!!


Omg you literally helped me so much I have an exam tomorrow and I was panicking about it but your video really helped calm me down xx


You're such a great person and you make me feel better thank you for everything


Oh jade i swear to god u r the sweetest girl I've ever seen 💕


Which university does she attend??