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How To Cram For Your Exam (Scientific Tips)

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The day before my English literature exam,I hadn’t known anything bout anything. I finished an entire novel of 400 pages from 10pm to 5:30am along with the meanings and stuff of the important quotations and stuff and then from 5:30am to almost 7am I finished all 5 poems and memorised all the poets as well as knowing what every word meant through figurative language and shit. I ended up getting average grades so I’m proud. Very very proud


I have an English Literature exam tomorrow on poems and I know NOTHING. I don't get why we need to memorize those stupid poems. It's not like I'd actually use any of it for the future. So, in result I find this on my recommended.


I got a science final tomorrow. Rip me


Um so I have a final tomorrow and didn't study at all




I needed to see this before one of my exams🤦


when you get lost in your own memory palace 🙃


Thanks For Useful Info! - Still Will Try Using Better Techniques!


quit scrolling and study for ur exams coz if u dont ur gonna fail.


I will probably need this in the future...


I usally do it a few hours before I go up, or the night before. And so far... it ahve worked well for me. Getting A's and B+.


I have an exam in 3 hours. Wish me luck.


Well I wish I saw this before I graduated 💀


As Eliza would say: Take a break!
Hamilton: ignores

Hamilton gets killed hours later...
Lesson learnt kids!


So my first final exam is tomorrow... and I’ve crammed most info in my head, pray for me


Why is this not really helpful


How to cram in an exam: Don't do it.

I've tried this, not effective.😂😂


I have litteraly never studied and I have never failed an exam.


When they say memory palace I instantly thought of Sherlock...


Not very helpful if you are doing a degree in math